Parker Hobart is a consumer PR agency … and a pretty good one at that.

The reason we’re good is that we’re different to other agencies and the reason we’re different is that unlike the rest of the industry we don’t believe in ‘scatter gun’ campaigns, ‘one size fits all’ campaigns or even ‘throw as much spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ campaigns.

Our approach is all about creating campaigns that are tailored to the highly specific needs, objectives and audiences of our clients. ¬†Campaigns that actually make a difference to our clients as they only include what they need; from just one activity such as social media or an all singing and dancing campaign with everything from press office to marketing. We can offer exactly what a brand, company or service needs…choice pieces or the whole hog.

Our client ‘church’ is broad. Some of them want to re-engage with their customers after years away, some want to reaffirm their position as market leaders and some want to talk to their customers in a completely different way. Ultimately all of them want increased awareness and stand out in a tough world that’s getting tougher.

Underneath our hard working approach, we’re also a highly creative, results driven agency full of energy and enthusiasm … plus we’re nice people.